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Crashes in scenario Editor

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I've recently been trying out building scenarios, as I feel the base ones in the game don't offer long term objectives (5 years isn't long enough, I find) To remedy this, I've been trying to make my own however in the current dev build, you can't actually save at any point. (Rather frustrating after hours of work...) The issue isn't in the stable build, so it's only recently cropped up, buuuuut the stable build is annoying to build scenarios in due to the lack of uncapped frame rates and/or any optimizations added in the dev build. Trying to use any terraforming tool or such above 8x8 is nigh near impossible due to the drops in fps and as such the mouse sensitivity. If anyone else knows a fix for this., I'll gladly hear and try it, if not I await a fix in the next patch :)Thanks

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