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Website report August

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The month of August has ended so we’re ready for our first monthly website report. We’re starting to write these reports to give you, as a user some look into the statistics of the website. It can also be fun, as a developer, to see how much the game is played and who and where your programmatorical magic is being used.Website statsTo track visitors we use two software solutions: AWStats and Google Analytics. None of both is 100% correct (AWStats may exaggerate the results while GA doesn’t ‘catch’ all of them due to technical restrictions)According to Google Analytics we’ve had an average of 387 unique visitors each day, enough for a total of 12 016 unique visitors. AWStats gives quite higher results with a monthly total of 15 473 visitors. (And for some reason, AWStats lost its statistics from before the 10th of august so…)All those visitors have used up a total of 156 GB of bandwidth, enough to download all the new Doctor Who episodes in 720 HD format!The downtime is kept very small with a downtime of 53 seconds which makes an uptime of 99.998%.The most interesting number about the website is the fact that we surpassed the 500 members mark a few weeks ago! A big welcome to all the new people!DownloadsThere are 12199 downloads counted, this includes both new downloads and updates through the launcher. We’ve counted approximately between 300 and 500 launcher-launcher a day, that means that the game gets played a lot, but that it can be played a lot more ;).In case you don’t use the launcher, I’d really recommend it since it has some nice perks like saving your games in the cloud. It can also count your played time, upload it to your OpenRCT.net profile so you can get yourself some bragging rights! :DImprovements and future of the websiteThe last two months have been relatively quiet in terms of website changes because it has been summer holidays here in Belgium so I’ve gone on vacation and didn’t have as much time as I have when at school. (Makes sense, right? Right?) Anyhow, I’ve added a small ‘upload’ form to the store which enables you to upload your own creations to the store. I’ve seen some have already been uploaded. I have to test and screen them manually so some time can pass between uploading and publishing. Like I said, I will get a lot more free time soon.The first changes will be on the forums: edit function for opening posts and also UBB buttons for the new topic page.In case you have any ideas for the website, make sure to let me know! @runelaenen on twitter, or just open a topic on the forums :)And again,thank you for being a member of our community :)Let's go play a game now ;)Rune

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