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Recent messages replacing one another

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Hey hey.First of all, I love your project and can't play RCT2 without it anymore. :)Now, the bug I'm experiencing it, I'm playing OpenRCT2, and when I'm in a saved game that was made in Vanilla RCT2, new recent messages inside OpenRCT2 start replacing each other when they happen in the log. With a new scenario, started with OpenRCT2, this problem doesn't happen.Not sure if this is vague, since I'm not the best at explaining these things, but this is a quite annoying bug, and didn';t see anybody mention it on the forums, so thought I'd do it myself. But I love everything else of OpenRCT2. :D Thanks for reading. :)

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i have same, for example the last thing i unlocked in a vanilla map was "Stand - Up Twister RollerCoaster" and when i installed Openrct2, i got like 20 with the same message saying i unlocked that, and when i get messages they dont appear in the menu, i hope they fix that, its not annoying a lot, but it is.Hope it gets fixed :)

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