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Multiplayer Bugs

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First off let me say: Sweet baby Jesus it feels good to play multiplayer with a friend! I'm amazed at how well it works (besides the constant crashes), and I love the chat. Anyways, me and my friend booted it up on a guest-less map and found a few causes of crashes and other bugs to let you guys know, though I'm sure you know some already.Non-Host Crashes when: Lots of guests are present (maybe sync them less often?), opening the "Choose track design" for a coaster, dropping a guest, being in the ride menu when host is building, pausing the game when guests are present.Host and Non-Host Crash to desktop when: Launching a rollercoaster off of the map.Other Bugs: Water level can be raised over footpaths, rides, and stands (allowing guests to walk underwater lol).I was at a constant 500+ ping, not sure if it is just my connection or not though. It may account for the crashes having to do with amount of guests and pausing. I'm wondering if it would be viable to have an option to change how often your game syncs to the host to lessen lag. Maybe the option to not sync signs as well would help in a small bit. Anyway, I love it, keep up the great work and don't be discouraged by the silent community, it's growing!

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I know, it is only in the developer build after all =P I was just giving a list of causes/bugs that I personally noticed for reference. I'm still in shock that the dev team has gotten it to work this well! Thanks dev team! (and you rune, it's a sick looking site!)

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