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Help with expansion packs

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Hey all. So I've been playing OpenRCT2 For a while now, and today I decided to FINALLY get the expansion packs to be able to join servers that my friend plays on. Except whenever I join a server that requires them, It disconnects me and tells me that I still need the expansion packs, even though I already installed them. If someone could help me out that would be fantastic! 

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Oh, I think I might know the problem. Openrct2 must still be referencing your old copy of RCT2, without the expansions. If you are using the launcher, I believe there is an option to change the game path in the launcher's options menu. Your TTP installation should be in your steamapps folder, which is somewhere in your Program Files (or Program Files (X86) folder if you are running 64-bit) folder. You could also try deleting the old installation, then relaunching OpenRCT2. Upon launch it should prompt you to select the directory where you installed OpenRCT2, which as I said before is in your steamapps folder.

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