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disappearing food stands

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ok i have no idea why but i was playing open RCT2, and i was building food stales. i built a ice cream and a cotton candy stand right next to each other, but as soon as i was about to build another stand the ice cream stand disappeared, and changed into a shadow of a burger stand. then i put a sand next to the cotton candy stand, then the cotton candy stand did the same thing as the ice cream stand did, then the other stand (i don't remember what it was) did the same thing. so i went to to the list of whats open and whats not ,and the stands where called "burger stands". then i tried to open them and a error came up and said "can not open because it is still under construction". i don't know how to fix this. i was using build 1119

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For starters, make sure you play either with the stable version or the latest dev version. Also, 1119 isn't a build offered by us. I recommend you to use our launcher. This way you'll always have the latest version and you can backup your saved games to our servers if you want to. Also, could you provide a screenshot next time? That can help a bit sometimes with fixing the bug.So... Try updating to the latest version. If it still happens, let us know :)

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