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Not adding the Land owned into my Scenario Edititor!

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1. If you are are in a game and are going to modify it, first put the game in the sandbox mode (if using the scenario editor, skip to 2).

     NOTE: The game can't be in the pause mode!

2. Click the map icon the popup appears and select the park owned icon.

3. Check/uncheck the box of what you want the land to be (land owned, Construction, etc).

4. Now if you click the middle of the + and - box it will bring up another popup which will allow you to enter a number from 1 to 64.

Everything always works squared 1x1 all the way to 64x64. This is the same for changing water and land.

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Are we to assume that your park is built on a 54x54 platform?

As I said in July, put the game in sandbox mode first. Next click on the map icon and a popup appears.

In the lower right hand corner is a box showing your current park size. Either click in the center to bring up a popup box where you can change the size or use the arrows to increase the size. Be careful not to decrease the size if you have a ride on the outside set of tiles as this may cause the game to crash.



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