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Permanently Deactivate Vandalism?

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Dear community,


I am hosting a server for some weeks now but I have one problem: When I keep running my server overnight, no one can connect to my server when I get a new IP adress from my provider.

I am promoting my server in the list and is STILL shows up but connection is not possible.

No problem, since I know my new IP comes every day 5am, I simply created a chronjob to stop / start my server at 6am every day. But when I do so, the cheat "Deactivate Vandalism" is off. It seems not to care how often I activate and save it. Is there a way to save it permanently or start the server with this particular cheat enabled?

RIght now I use openrct2.exe host savegams.sv6 --headless and so on. Is there maybe a parameter for cheats?

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