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Chris Sawyer

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Hey guys,


first of all, thank you guys for the openrct2 project. I am so amazed, I can't believe what you guys did there. I tried installing windows on my mac yesterday, just to play rct2. Fortunately, I found you project before and guys, it couldn't be better! Thanks!!

I was wondering, if you had any contact to Chris Sawyer while rewriting the game? Does he know about this project? I am just curious. I wonder if he is cool about the project. I mean, after RCT3 and newer where kinda bad and didn't really involve Chris Sawyer, it must be good for him to hear that you made the port to Linux and OS X possible and increased the game by other cool features. I mean this must have been tough work for you. Do you do this just for fun, or is there any other benefit except playing and modding rct2?

Questions and more question... 9_9

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