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Track checksum failed: which track files are corrupted or hacked?!

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Every time I start OpenRCT2 I get the following error 7 times at the console: ERROR[src\ride\track_design.c:98 (track_design_open)]: Track checksum failed.

When I run with the --verbose "tag" I can see a lot more info, but not the info about which tracks the error are talking about (the errors are still nicely put under each other without the mention of the affected track files).

This makes it impossible for me to track down the corrupted/hacked rides. Also, I have more then 2200 track files, so going through them one by one won't work. :P

But I want these trackfiles gone, as I don't want to have any further issues with these track files and I may want to share them with someone; I don't want to give him broken files.

So, is there an option to print/log the name of the corrupted track files to the strings with the errors at the console? Or is there another option to find out?

For scenarios this is easy, as a verbose log string is printed every time it loads a scenario and if one has an error, this gets printed to the console and you just have to look at the line above to find your corrupted scenario. Would it be possible to do the same thing for track files too? 

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