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Trouble switching to development version

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This is going to sound weird. If I am using the stable version and switch to the dev version I get the following msg

INFO [src\object.list c:425(object.list.cache version different)....updating

The screen switches to the white box but NEVER loads (I waited 15 minutes) eventually I have to use the task mgr to halt the program.

It spits out the dmp file.

Now the weird part. To go back to the stable version I get this msg:

INFO [src\object_list. c:402(object_list_cache_load)]: 1394601711 object removed . . updating object list cache

The screen switches and proceeds to the main screen.

I have been having trouble getting winzip to work lately, would someone pass this along to GitHub for me please.

This all happened after I downloaded Raffles Beach Trolley Park from here. I have since deleted the download file and the objdata file containing those dats (I always make an ObjData copy before downloading something new) and returned to my original copy.


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