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I'm not able to set 1280x1024 resolution on my OpenRCT2. Even if I set up it, the resolution it's fixed on the one I have on my PC. No problem with RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 instead. Why?My PC resolution is 2560x1440, too big for me because I can't see the icons :DThanks.

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Bumping to add my two cents.It would be great if something can be done with the resolution so you can zoom in a little more, without change the resolution in Windows.I have an EyeFinity triple monitor setup running at 5760x1080 and when I first launched the game it was neat seeing it covering all three monitors, at first, then I realized it only zoomed in so far and it was unplayable like that. So I'm just using the "window" mode for now, but that still a little far away sometimes.

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