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RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack Disk

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When you first open up a build from here, you can either get the installer or the .zip folder with the program on it (if you're on a PC; for Linux and Mac it's pretty straight-forward). 

For the installer, simply follow the instructions on the screen and it should pretty much run without any problems at all. It might ask for your installed folder of RCT2, so direct it there.

If you plan on getting the .zip folder you'll have to direct the game where your installation of RCT2 is. Simply do so from the in-game window of OpenRCT2 that opens up when you run it for the first time, and it'll run just fine.

I suggest you use the Search function on the forums next time to see if any queries you have have already been answered before.

Welcome to the forums, btw! :D

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