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(Linux) Cannot host a game: libraries wrong?

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Hi folks,

I am trying to host a game on my Lubuntu 15.10.

I had to install a bunch of libraries even after following the install instructions but I think something still isnt right:


When I host a multiplayer game, any client does see it as this dark red marked game: Network version: *none shown*

The console says while hosting:

Error .../TcpSocket.cpp:148 (Listen)]: IPV6_ONLY failed .92

Ready for Clients...

ALSO lib pcm.c:7905:snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred


Can please anyone help?

When I host the came with Windows, my Linux can join as a client.


I assume it has something to do with missing or wring libraries? The documentation about what Libs I need and how I install them is ... not complete so say the least. Plus I am a Windows Administrator, I need step-by-step-howtos if it comes to Linux ;)

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When I try to join I get to 63KB than I am thrown out.

The error is known, but there is still no solution for it.  It occurs between linux host and windows client. Hosting on windows works fine, or choose a older commit (with network version 0.9) (actually i don't know which commit isn't affected)

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