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Crashing problem with scenarios downloaded from NeDesigns

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I recently downloaded three parks from New Element "Universal's Hollywood Hills" (2 parks in 1 DL) and "Meersendael". After opening the park in OpenRCT2 I decided to make a change and remove some unused scenery and add some of my own. Opened the cheat menu and removed several pieces and added some. Upon clicking the X to close (or hitting esc) the program locks up and elicits dump files. I originally thought it was me, so I tried it on my laptop with windows 10 (my desktop has windows 7). Same thing, just opening the cheat menu boots you out and creates  dump files. So being the stubborn type I downloaded 5 more parks from them - all had the same problem. Now these are all RCT2 parks. My brain says try RCT1 parks, guess what I downloaded 5 parks and had NO problems.

I know there are many versions of RCT2, some with the add on packs and some without. When these parks loaded the first time they added the dats required to run the park. I know because I make a copy of my ObjData file before every new download so I can return if I don't like what I see. I have GOG Triple pack and have never had a problem downloading other parks from anywhere only those from New Designs. Would someone do me a favor and try one of these three parks and see if you have the same problem.

I also tried these same parks with RCT2 and got the dreaded ERROR TRAPPER!

I can provide dump files if someone wants to look at them.

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