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The program is unable to find the g1.dat file in your directory. At least, that's what the error message says.

The g1.dat file contains all the game's graphics. Are you able to play the vanilla game, without OpenRCT2? Have you ever changed or messed with the directory files in the past? Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

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Where did you acquire your copy of RCT2 from? Perhaps CrossOver (I assume this is similar to Wine) alters the game when it makes it playable? You know, OpenRCT2 does not require you to have a playable copy of RCT2. All it needs are the game files, and I'd recommend you to copy over the Windows-friendly installed folder directly onto your Mac and then direct OpenRCT2 towards that folder. It never made any problems for me.

You could also try to manually find out if the folder you are directing the program to actually does have the game files that are essential to ORCT2.

If you've tried these things and had no help, maybe your copy of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is corrupt. As YoloSweggLord asks, are you able to play RCT2 on Mac with CrossOver?

I hope this helps you. :) 

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