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Launcher.exe won't terminate itself

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Yesterday the Launcher promted that there was an update available. I downloaded the newer version and wanted to replace the newer files in my OpenRCT folder. Then there was a warning: Launcher.exe (and the other files) were in use by... Launcher.exe. strange, because I closed the program prior to downloading the newer version. After several tries I opened my services tab via [Ctrl] + [ESC] and was a bit surprised that Launcher.exe was running; two times! I forced the service to stop and was able to replace the files. I'm running a Windows 7 64bit version on my PC. I'm not aware if this problem happened again after I played and closed the program. Will try this later in this weekend and provide my findings here in this topic.Before I quit this post; thanks a lot for this absolute great work! Even it isn't done yet, it's a great pleasure to play at 1920*1080 without having to tweak my systems resolution before I'm able to play RCT. Love.your.work.

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Thanks! :D It's not just us though, we are actually an offshoot of the main group that don't know the language they are coding in well enough to be directly useful. In any case, that update that you just downloaded corrects the issue with the launcher failing to actually close. It also makes the extra's menu look nicer, and fixes a bug if your internet drops out.Next on the To-Fix list is if the website goes down it deletes your copy of OpenRCT2 instead of just leaving it as is...?_?

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Ha! That's great to hear! ;-) So you guys are apart from OpenRCT2.com? Oh well, I love the results anyway... ;-)
Yeah, we used to use their builds but then the website was down for a day so our launcher stopped working. We then decided we'd make our own builds. But they are practically the same off course, we just also have an awesome launcher ;-)
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