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Not everyone can connect to my server

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So, I have started a server to play with two friends. Problem is that friend A can connect without problems by entering my IP while friend B always gets the message "Can't connect to host". I've forwarded the necessary port in my router and made rules for OpenRCT2 in my firewall and it seems to work since friend A can connect. I can't find anything about this problem through a google search so I hope you have some ideas that could help.

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Did friend B connect through the actual name of the server, or did he try connecting with the IP as well? 

A few days ago I tried connecting locally through the server name, and it didn't work. Instead, it worked by using the IP. What's to say that can't work the opposite way as well...

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Then I should probably be glad that at least one of my friends can connect through IPv6, I guess. Still, I think that IPv6 support should be added to OpenRCT2, since there are people like me out there who simply don't have access to a true IPv4 address. It would certainly make me happy. ;)

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