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  1. This is great to have new carousel music that fits in so seamlessly. And no more sad and empty css files. Thank you very much.
  2. X7123M3-256 rightly points out that OpenRCT2 seems to be in clear violation of the original RCT2 EULA, even if the original files need to be supplied. I've looked into this issue on other sites and forums. The responses I saw were very dubious. Also, I recently found the page on this site that provides the instructions and download link of the RCT2 demo to use in OpenRCT2, to "enjoy the full experience" without having to purchase the game at all. If I'm honest, this soured my enthusiasm and interest in the project. Maybe I've misunderstood somehow? I'd appreciate it if anyone can fill me in on more. OpenRCT2 looks like a great tribute to RCT and a fantastic way to play, but because of these above issues, I won't be doing so at this point.
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