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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies! I did the following so far: went into this page and copied the files it says that are required: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Required-RCT2-files (including the CSS17.DAT renamed as CSS50.DAT from RCT1) Then, went into the RCT1 install and copied the Scenarios and Tracks folders (and deleted a bunch of u(XXXX) tracks from RCT1 which seems to be some unnamed tracks). Do I need something something else from RCT1 or RCT2? There are a bunch of DAT files that aren't mentioned anywhere (they seem to be related to kanji or tutorials). And finally, I'm thinking on writing a small script that will copy all required files into OpenRCT2 install dir, to make things easier. Do you guys think that this is needed? I really want to help the project in some way! Thanks again for the help so far!
  2. Nice, thanks for that! I already downloaded RCT 1 Deluxe and RCT 2 TTP from GOG, and I'll download the additional content soon. One thing got my attention - there is a Android version of OpenRCT2, but I haven't found the install procedure for it (RCT Classic keeps force closing for me every 5 min or so). Is it the same as the PC install? Thanks and sorry for the noobish questions 😅
  3. Hello everyone! I've been following OpenRCT2 for a while and now I'm wondering how can I get the most complete possible experience (RCT1 content + RCT2 content). Do I need both releases? Do I miss something if I just use the RCT2 assets and import RCT1 parks? Also, there is RCT classic. Is it needed at all? Will I also miss something if I leave it out? Currently, I believe I own 3 or 4 copies of RCT and RCT2 (GoG, Steam, Epic Store and the original box version of each game, including expansions) and I also got RCT Classic on Android and I'm looking to consolidate everything on a single place, but even the FAQ doesn't mention RCT1 or RCT Classic, just RCT2.
  4. Hey there! I created this account just to share my thoughts. OpenRCT2 would probably fall into the 'fair-use' territory since it still requires you to have the original game assets in order to play. OpenTTD seems to follow the same principle. Halo has a fair-use policy that allowed a non-profit derivate game project (whose name I forgot) to carry on after the legality of it was questioned, my guess is that OpenRCT2 would be just like it.
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