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  1. YES! Exactly like that! I was curious how to do that! You say it's by using the title sequence, though that's not necessarily how it's meant to be used? Maybe if there was an easier option for that in-game, like how I mentioned the "locate train/car" can then be clicked on again to lock the camera until you move it around again.
  2. I don't quite understand what you mean? I meant for the player to have the option in-game to lock the main camera view onto the train or car that you're watching on the ride's window, like how you can do that in RCT Classic. The "locate" icon in RCT Classic also functions as a "hold main camera view until I move view around" when you tap on it again after locating the thing on the main view. I was hoping this could be brought over to OpenRCT2 as I personally enjoy letting the game continue on without me doing anything, but I can still enjoy my park while having it move around following a monor
  3. Does anyone know what I'm talking about if I bring up the idea for the devs to bring the "lock camera onto train/car" like you see and can do in RCT Classic? Where, in the ride's main tab, you can choose the train you want to locate on the track, and then you can tap the locate icon either once or twice to then lock the MAIN camera view (the phone's screen camera view itself, not the small window for the ride) onto that car/train indefinitely until you tap the screen or move the view of the game somewhere else with your finger. I always thought it'd be relaxing to see (and hear) the sounds of
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