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  1. that's a good question. i'm thinking that in longer queue lines like go karts it would just be a source of income from people waiting in line. a cooler (but surely more difficult) feature might be having souvenirs that are purchased slightly increase the peep's happiness momentarily similar to an entertainer or a queue line TV. another idea would be bathrooms connected to queue lines so peeps could relieve themselves while in a long line. this could make sure that peeps dont get upset bc they are hungry, thirsty, or need to use the restroom.
  2. Surely there's a reason this can't be done, but it would be cool if people in line could buy items from stalls
  3. dope! i'm super new to the OpecRCT2 community. i can't believe how many people are working so hard on this and how fast my suggestion was replied to. this is awesome. as for item 1, the issue i was having when i thought of this idea was a very cramped and crowded park with multiple rollercoasters intersecting. another time i've wanted this feature was when trying to build underground using holes that are 1 tile wide. in my head, this setting would make invisible everything except the ride you are working on and somehow the paths connecting to the entrance and exit. I'm not sure how feasib
  4. I have a few ideas: 1. There should be an option to hide all assets (scenery, trees, supports, and rides) other than the ride you are currently working on. 2. An update to the AI to enable guests to use transport rides to get from one place to another. Also, partial unloading for people who want to be in a specific area of the park. Thoughts?
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