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  1. Thank you! Found 'em, and we're up and running!
  2. I found the single rail track, but I was unable to find the trains that match the rail type. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!
  3. I just wanted to let the moderator know that while I was unable to upload my old free park (because the hard drive on my ancient computer was toast), I was able to download what I needed and jump right in to re-familiarize myself with the in's and out's of the game and create a new mega park using the Six Flags scenario. I also worked through using the terrain generator and have completed several new parks with rides and topography that I never tried before. I've truly enjoyed the creativity and freedom that Open RTC2 has given me. Thank you for all the work everyone has done with this belove
  4. Never mind - i hadn't checked the "allow arbitrary ride type changes" box in the cheat menu. Thx!
  5. Where do I find the "arbitrary ride type menu"? Thanks!
  6. That is awesome - looking forward to tinkering with this! Thanks!
  7. I have a massive free park that I created several years ago using RTC2 and loopy landscapes that I'm dying to toy with once again. Assuming I can secure those data files off my old hard drive (and assuming they're not corrupted), will I be able to use that park in OpenRCT2?
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