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  1. Ahhhhhhhh lol! RIP. My journey of updates has come to an end for the next six months, all good, I'll survive. Any word on OpenRCT2 with Mac ARM chips and operating platforms? I'd like to know ahead of time before I upgrade. Thanks!
  2. Hi All! Now that 0.3.2 is released, I went to download and update, error that it will only work on MacOS 10.13 or later. So am I now at the end of my OpenRCT2 line? hahah Thank you for any help! Stay Safe -Brian
  3. I downloaded the stable version of open RCT2, and I purchased on steam RCT2 Thrill pack. I think the problem I’m having is getting the.EXE file off of steam because I’m using a MacOS. I know that when I launch OpenRCT2 it asks for the location of the RCT2 file, but I just can’t get that exe file. If that makes sense.
  4. I'm 29, mostly tech savy, but I'm still struggling here. Can someone almost remote desktop me and make it work? I've already purchased it on Steam (RCT2 Thrill pack), and have an older Macbook Pro. Thnx for any help or guidance!
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