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  1. So with the development build OpenRCT2 (via the link in the Quickstart section) for macOS and the extracted files of the RCT2 demo (both the .exe and .zip) I do still get the following crash-information (see picture 1). Using the launcher yields exactly the same problem. Still does not work, though I might absolutely be missing a step here.
  2. Good morning! Thanks for your reply. Just to be clear, this is what I have done so far: 1. Downloaded the MacOS-launcher via both GitHub and the quickstart-introduction on the website. The one I got via GitHub shows the 'play' button but crashes immediately after clicking that, the other one just crashes immediately. 2. Downloaded the demo files (both .zip and .exe, which give the same result when unpacked). 3. Startet OpenRCT2 and pointed it to the files I unpacked. So, as already stated at my first point: it just crashes constantly. The OpenRCT2 I downloaded via GitH
  3. Good evening! Totally new to this entire concept, but as I found out RCT2 would be playable on my Apple computer I thought I'd give it a try. So I downloaded the OpenRCT2 installer and (after trying the method via GOG, POM and all manner of other programs and files that had to be installed, did not work) tried to open the demo .exe. I have unpacked the .exe to a location, /User/myname/documents/extractedfileshere, downloaded the launcher (via a link that led me to GitHub - as the one I got via the QuickStart brakes down on me as I selected a wrong directory the first time round and i
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