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  1. I started this Project a couple of weeks ago, it's based of an abandoned waterpark in my city, i've done some really Good progress just for being a couple of games.

    BlitzZ tower 2.PNG

    BlitzZ tower.PNG

    feroz 500 2.PNG

    feroz 500.PNG

    isla campamento 2.PNG

    isla campamento.PNG

    waterpark 1.PNG

    waterpark 2.PNG

    waterpark 3.PNG

  2. 16 hours ago, jensj12 said:

    Go to options -> title sequence editor and view/edit the OpenRCT2 sequence. There you should have a list of the parks and you can load them and play around.

    thank you!

  3. i've seen a few posts here of people showcasing varios things like custom flat rides, paths, walls/roof, coaster, trains etc. and i'd like to know how can I get that content? I remember a lot of time back i had a few but I think they got downloaded from an online server, i'm not new to openRCT2 but i've never known how to get this stuff.

    I'd appreciate some info and clarifications.

    thx :)

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