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    Scenery Work Plane

    Specifically I mean without holding down the key, basically what i want is just a toggle, or a ui to set the work plane.
  2. htfs

    Scenery Work Plane

    yes but with the ability to lock it on that height so you can select other objects without having to redrag its just qol.
  3. htfs

    Scenery Work Plane

    This idea would allow for significantly faster construction of buildings and other multi level scenery creations, as well as fixing disorientation due to the game's isometric perspective. Essentially I would like to be able to set a 'work plane' to be able to build scenery onto. Right now holding shift and dragging the mouse up or down will show a purple 11x11 tile grid that allows you to align your scenery at a certain height with other objects easily. With a work plane a player could press ALT or some other hotkey while holding shift at the desired height to lock this purple grid into p
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