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  1. I'm new to the custom coaster support scene. I have the custom footer and support package loaded and ready to go. My problem I'm having is that when I build the new custom supports on a coaster, the old supports are not being hid or going away. What is the best way to get the old default supports to disappear? Thanks!
  2. Worked for an hour, then Norton said it found a Trojan and deleted Open RCT2. In 3 years of having my laptop, I've never had a virus or anything and the only thing I did today was download Open RCT2 and play for an hour. I download very little files on this laptop, so not sure what happened as I would like to think it didn't come from Open RCT2. From my brief experience with Open RCT2, awesome upgrades! I watched some Youtube tutorials on how to do the diagonal paths and how to clear clearance restrictions. Was working on a nice custom scenario to start a realistic park timeline. I have always been annoyed how you can't do diagonal paths and the other restrictions that come with the original RCT2. Hope there is a "fix" or another way to play the program in the future! Would love to dive deep into this again in the future!
  3. I'm new to Open RCT2 and wanting to give it a try. Everytime I go to download it though, Norton Quarantine's the file. Says it is a "Heuristic Virus" and that level risk is High. Does anybody else have this problem? If so, anybody found a way around it?
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