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  1. It can be quite frustrating to work with tall coasters or scenery at the top corner of the map, because the game won't let you scroll past a certain point, which cuts off a large portion of the coaster/scenery from view. However, the game is still clearly able to draw things that go beyond the edge of the map. In the attached screenshot, I've scrolled the main screen turn on as far as it can go, but the ride menu is still able to show the very top of the coaster.

    My suggestion is to allow scrolling the entire screen past the corner, not just the ride view, so that you can better work on tall coasters/scenery.

    Unnamed park 2020-02-16 18-41-33.png

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  2. Speaking of impossible physics, I found out that under certain conditions, coaster trains on tracks with different elevations can still collide when crossing over/under each other. This bug, like the downwards corkscrew, is also found in the original RCT. I hope that it can be fixed because there are presumably no coaster designs that require such a collision in order to not break.

    I've attached the track design for the coaster in question. To reproduce the bug, put the coaster in test mode, and follow train 3. Around the half-way point, it will run into train 2, which is on an entirely different track section. The resulting speed loss prevents both coasters from completing the track, eventually leading to a crash between coasters 3 and 4. The bug will only occur for two of the four possible orientations; when the camera is oriented to the north, use either the first or third orientations.

    Impossible Collision.td6

  3. Certain track pices turn invisible when they go through tunnel openings. The specific track pieces missing are the helices (one end of the helix is always invisible) and the slopes. As seen in the screenshots, the sloped to level and the level track pieces do show up, as do sloped pieces if they go through the tall variant of the tunnel opening.

    RCT2 also has this bug, but RCT1 does not.

    helix tunnel.png

    low tunnel.png

    tall tunnel.png

  4. This has also been reported elsewhere: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/7443


    click sound "TOCK TOCK"
    installing object sound "BOOK BOOK" is smaller than vanillla version.

    He's obviously not a native speaker, and duncanspumpkin didn't really understand him.

    He's using "tock" and "book" as onomatopoeias, and by "smaller", he actually means "lower". The two sounds you hear when you construct a ride are the higher-pitched "tock" from pressing the track piece icon in the construction menu and the lower-pitched "book" from the game placing down the selected track pieces. You can hear a clear difference in sound levels between 0.1.1 and 0.1.2+.

    When comparing the original game with 0.1.2+, that difference is even more extreme. I've attached two sound files to demonstrate. In the one from RCT2 , you can hear the title music playing at a reasonable volume that doesn't drown out the clicking sound from the scenario select menu. Afterwards, you can clearly hear a ride being constructed. In the one from OpenRCT2 0.2.3, the title music almost completely drowns out the clicking sounds from the scenario select menu. Afterwards, you can only hear muted sounds of a ride being constructed. However, when I go into the ride menu to demolish the coaster, the sounds play at full volume, which is very jarring.

    Basically, when game volume is set at 100, some sounds are far too loud, and some are far too quiet. Lowering the game volume will only serve to make sound effects like coaster construction impercetible. Likewise, increasing system volume to compensate for the quiet sounds will result in intolerably loud sounds elsewhere in the game.

    RCT2.wav OpenRCT2.wav

  5. The underground handyman trick doesn't seem to work in OpenRCT2, only RCT2. Handymen in OpenRCT2 will only water plants up to one tile above them, but you need at least two tiles' clearance in order to place an underground path.

  6. I've played around with some older versions of the game, and found out that sound issues such as balloons not 'popping' properly are unrelated to the crackling and poppling. Instead, it turns out that the way certain sounds are played differ between 0.1.1 and 0.1.2. All OpenRCT2 versions from 0.1.2 and onwards no longer play sounds the same way as in the original games.

    While sounds play as expected in 0.1.1 and below, in 0.1.2 and above, some sounds (e.g. the opening of menus) play at full volume, while other sounds are much softer, or in some cases significantly different, as in the case of the balloon popping.

    This video I uploaded will hopefully explain what I mean:

    While I can restore the softer sounds to their original volume, the qualitative nature of the sounds remain the same (so the balloon will still sound like torn bread, just louder), while any sounds that were being correctly played become unbearably loud.

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  7. Ever since the development version fixed the save file crashing as described here, the track designs of certain wooden roller coasters have become unsaveable.

    'Great White Wail', a pre-built coaster from the original RCT2, is one such example. In the save file attached, I've created an identical duplicate using the original template, except I've rebuilt certain track pieces, which are marked with red cubes. This has resulted in the creation of a saveable version of the Great White Wail that is otherwise completely identical to the original.

    In the save file are also two of my custom rides that I used to be able to save, but which are now unsaveable.

    It may be that other coaster types are affected, but the only instances I could find were of wooden coasters.

    I'm running Windows 10 1903, and OpenRCT2 version 0.2.3-60db202.

    EDIT: The error message I get is the same as the one seen here.

    EDIT 2: This bug was fixed a while ago, and I'm making a note here just in case anyone gets confused.

    unsaveable track designs.sv6

  8. I also get crashes after loading saves made by any version from v0.2.3-cd4eb86 onwards. v0.2.3-16a2046 is the last version where save files do not crash. In later versions such as v0.2.3-df4e412, all the rides are missing when loading a save, and the game will crash only when it's unpaused (one exception being empty parks without active rides, which don't crash).

    I believe the reason you're crashing with the stable release is because you're trying to load save files made using later versions. It is still stable when loading its own save files.

  9. g6cu4t3taxc31.png

    Top window is from the original RCT2, bottom window is from OpenRCT2.

    The coaster is a suspended swinging coaster using swinging floorless cars instead of regular suspended swinging cars. The coaster design is one of the official pre-built ones.

    The reason I think it's a bug is because it's the exact same coaster from the exact same save file, yet OpenRCT2's behaviour in this case diverged greatly from that of the original RCT2 for no discernible reason. The park used is from the empty "Build your own Six Flags Park" scenario. I'm running Windows 10 1903, and OpenRCT2 version 0.2.3-4170255.

    I've attached the save file.


  10. I can't seem to make flat rides transparent while they're running (a behaviour also present in the original games). Only when they're closed and at a complete standstill, i.e. showing no animations, can they be hidden using the 'See-through rides' toggle. This makes working around big flat rides like the Haunted House and Ferris Wheel quite difficult, at least without being forced to close them.

    My suggestion is to let flat rides be see-through even while they are operating.

  11. Some sound effects in OpenRCT2 are noticeably more distorted when compared to the same sounds from the original games. For example, the game doesn't seem to handle rollercoaster sounds very well, including the high-pitched screams of the passengers. They sound a little distorted, like an old tape recording with static noise (popping and crackling). Simply moving the camera around, thereby changing the position of the coaster sounds via the stereo effect, is enough to trigger the popping and crackling. Also, the balloon pop is normally very distinctive and sharp, but in OpenRCT2 it sounds really soft, as if someone is tearing apart a loaf of bread. It's like I'm hearing a completely different sound effect.

    I've tested the game using my motherboard's onboard Realtek HD sound as well as my X-Fi Titanium HD sound card. Both produced the same results. I'm running Windows 10 1903, and OpenRCT2 version 0.2.3-4170255.

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