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  1. and btw, will you guys put up a donation page after completion so we can share some gratitude for all the efforts? I think final openrct2 will be a blockbuster game :))
  2. that's what i am doing for over 20 years now... I finally desire a full library to choose from - I tend to build complete parks in sandbox mode at maximum size which usually takes 150 in-game years, then i set the construction year to 0/renew all rides via cheat and open it and just watch the peeps having fun for months (doing slight alterations of course as well). But having to choose which coasters and stalls to put in the library is a pain when building huge parks, and I also run out of staff as well - so i'll wait until its implemented, please hurry and thank you very much! (and i can
  3. hi there and many many many compliments on the hard work so far - just incredible! since the release of version 0.1.2 was quite a while ago (7 months+ ), i wonder if there are any progress updates on the mentioned file format? json objects are done and integrated already, i think, but what about the most important and anticipated feature of all - new save format - so that we finally can have more attractions in the game? (currently 256) winter is almost there and i am waiting for over a year now to start my new park with more attractions. it currently makes no sense to start a new pa
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