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  1. It just feels severely unbalanced, especially for the first games scenarios, where gentle rides were meant to be more powerful in cases over other rides.
  2. Not sure if this has been post already, the path customization for RCT1 was wonderful, letting you choose a normal foot path appearance, a queue path appearance, and then the support/fencing appearance all separately, making for some of the best customization you could get.
  3. I understand that, but when I play the original, I don't have this severe of a demographic separation in my park, especially on Forest Frontiers, the AI is being really prudish for no reason at all, and I have advertisement campaigns going for 2 of those gentle rides, yet people are b-lining for the coaster. It feels like the AI is being bias for no reason.
  4. I'm fairly certain my paths aren't the problem, no guests are going for any other ride but the single roller coaster, it's all "I want to go on something more thrilling than" which is within itself a problem.
  5. I'm trying to replay the rct1 scenarios, playing as I would normally, however, all the guests are refusing to get on any of the gentle rides, or thrill rides, yet are absolutely bogging down the only roller coaster in my park, Which is severely problematic, as I utilize gentle and thrill rides to fill in space for more guests, earn more money, and keep guests busy. What would cause this?
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