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  1. Thanks guys! I will post some of my stuff in the appropriate threads later. As for my favourite posts, the excitement guide obviously takes the cake, I've spent so many hours on that and it's my most popular post on reddit and it got me gold. I'm glad you like the shortest 10 excitement coaster, because that's also one of my favourite things I've ever made.
  2. I didn't, for all my large builds like this one I use scripted auto-clickers that I can just run and have them build the ride for me. It still took several hours to build though.
  3. Hello, I just discovered these forums a few days ago and it looks fun. I am not new to openrct2 though, as I've been active on /r/rct for a long while already. I really love openrct2 and the new possibilities it brings to the game.
  4. A lap takes only about 200 years, but the full ride takes over 6000. I let my computer constantly running for almost 2 days on hyperspeed. Here is an album explaining the ride. Back when I made that album I hadn't tested the full ride yet, I merely tested one lap and calculated the total length.
  5. I created this ride a long time ago, it takes 232 real life days to complete.
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