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  1. Yeah the embed feature had messed up my images, thanks for re-linking I agree that the idea is on the plug-in territory. Once this game has a scripting engine/API it will really open up a bunch of possibilities and would make it easier to contribute to the project for us plebs who know some code but find the C ecosystem a little too complex.
  2. I've been eyeing OpenRCT2 for a while but this feature is what made me finally try it out. I think it has a lot of potential to attract new people via small scale real-word geography they know with rides based on places and events. With some imagination Venice could be represented by a Boat Hire, Niagara falls can be a River Rapids, etc. Well I tried my hand at the southern tip of South America. The mountains came out great, but the lowlands are all flooded because the pixels are too dark and too similar to the ocean. (yellow lines are roughly the actual coastlines) I'll try later to
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