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    Open Rct1

    1 - sorry i forget open rct2 can read all rct1 files x"D my bad 2 - its like , change the game and holding the content. 3 - some rollercoasters and some toys have a different sounds,
  2. uritinum

    Open Rct1

    now i can reply the post so... and a bonus different idea , will be nice have an config who u can choose rct's contents , like playing rct2 with only rct1 contents or playing rct1 only with rct 2 contents ( rct2 have both contents but... migrating 2 rcts in one i think this is a good option ) or an option who overwrite the sounds of rct2 with rct1 sounds to make rct2 more classic , i think is a good idea too.
  3. uritinum

    Open Rct1

    I know people can play scenarios from RCT1 etc etc, but... i think RCT2 cant replace RCT1 so... have a chance to have an openRCT1 ? or just a cheat menu like the openrct2 will be very awesome have the cheat menu on rct1 to explore the creativity and make crazy things on that nostalgious game.
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