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  1. After another year of hibernation, Alabastine Funland is back alive! I've uploaded 2 videos, building an S&S inspired launch coaster and the central monorail station. The expansions are somewhat modernly themed akin to "Blitz", and are located close to the entrance square. Also a trebuchet was added to the Red-White Knight castle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rEgdeACU6o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLwVBlyuUXw Hope you enjoy! Spoiler:
  2. I know this has been more than a year since, but I've uploaded again! The coaster is called "Dovahkiin" as the name suggest medieval themed with a bit of fantasy. It's located close to Red-White Knight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZQ88y0lw8I I don't have a teaser image right now on my laptop, but will most likely upload one soon
  3. Hey X7123M3-256! I featured your Intamin LSM launch coaster in my latest youtube video, I don't know if you're interested but thought it'd be fun to let you know. I've had this mod for like one and a half year and only now I find out you actually have vertical tracks! Epic man! Did you upload it somewhere? Or can I get my hands on them anyway? Even with different shading I'd love to have them, they could still work really well with scenery etc. Nonetheless thanks for creating these epic mods! I really wouldn't have been able to make this coaster as is without you: https:
  4. A new Rollercoaster has been completed... Despite what common sense would suggest, I decided to go for the terribly rated stand-up coaster, just because I like the way it looks. This time I chose to go for a bit of a medieveal-castle theme and I like the way it turned out, timelapse and onride video has been added to the playlist, but here is a teaser for you guys:
  5. Apparantly "The future" is a very relative term and I did reconsider the straight tunnel section, the most simple option actually did keep the intensity in check: add a hill. The intensity is now 9,98 while 10,00 is considered too high (9,90 before). Again I am glad you pointed this out Wuis, since I think the coaster is definitely a tad nicer now, and I probably would have left the straight tunnel there if no one said something about it. Thanks! Edit: The Improvement video is now online Teaser:
  6. Thanks for the feedback Wuis! I know the straight underground section is boring, but if you have seen the entire video you know I tried pretty much everything to get it back to the station in a cool fashion, however the intensity would always go red (even with just some turns), ruining the excitement rating as well. In the end going straight back was the only valid option to keep the ratings in check and at that point I did not want to destroy the rest of the coaster since I was very happy with it. I could have built the coaster closer to the station that is true, however when I started
  7. "Blitz", the next large rollercoaster, is now finished! I hope you guys like it, since I think it is the best coaster in the park so far.
  8. Hello! I wanted to start making a very large "mega park" based on Wilderdude national park with quite some attention to scenery and decoration. Since I really enjoyed watching Fluxtrance's timelapse videos I decided: why don't I start making timelapse videos myself? So that's what I did. There is only two videos out now but more to come! They will be added to a youtube playlist. The third video will probably be a twister coaster I am working on now. I thought people on this forum might be interested (I am also using Openrct2, but no custom scenery) and if any of you have su
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