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  1. yes you are correct, I meant to say the obj selection menu. and I do have a lot of custom stuff. do you think if I deleted a bunch of it (custom stuff) it would not crash anymore?
  2. i'm figuring out how to use the animator in the object editor. in the 1 view anim section it allows 16 frames. I'm making a waterfall and it looks good but seems to skip the frame in the beginning. I put the 16 images in twice w/ the same results. I have not been able to actually see it in the game however because it crashes whenever I exit the cheats menu. I noticed this crash has been going on since may so I'm assuming it will be a while. btw I did try the older stable versions but it still crashed. Is there a step I'm missing in the animation? any help is appreciated as always
  3. I put the info on the linked page as well. the exact steps are 1. click on object selection dropdown under the debug menu 2. select an item or not, doesn't matter 3. close out of the object selection menu 4. as soon as you hit the x to close out of menu the crash dump occurs
  4. thanks. I'm having rollercoaster tycoon withdrawal
  5. I choose the custom object and as soon as I try to close out of the object editor box it shows the above
  6. well it first happened when I went to save the game. now it happens after I click on one of my object editor created backgrounds. I do have a lot of custom objects I made in it. when it first happened it seemed to be around saving the game. OPENRCTZIP.zip Open RCT crash.zip
  7. had to figure out how to make a zip file. still learning computers
  8. I see that I'm supposed to report this on "GitHub", but not exactly sure where on the site. would this be considered a "bug" or who do I make this request to help fix it? it says 29c3eba8-7e99-4417-9e2a-a2b47d06c7df(41f026e).dmp
  9. I have all these objects I made through the object editor that are in the obj selection dropdown that I don't want anymore but they don't show up in the objdat file for me to delete. any help is appreciated
  10. so I am making a track that follows under the stream I made, then making the tracks invisible so it looks like they are boating down the steam?
  11. there are no pictures of what the objects are, just abbreviations. there are so many objects ........must download
  12. yeah it's saying that those cheats are "currently unstable, take extra caution" so I should put my game on an external hard drive? sorry for all the questions, I suck at computers but just really like this game
  13. sorry if this is dumb but what/where is the cheats menu? found it sorry
  14. ok found info about "trainers" (8 car trainer etc) on the Coasterforce website however it says the new version of this trainer doesn't work well on new computors. does anyone have a version of this that works well? from there I can probably figure this out on my own
  15. yeah I just don't like the perfect right angle turns and the little gap between the track and grass when I put in a layer down into the grass. I like the more natural flow of making your own water path. where did everyone learn about merging tracks or other custom techniques? I have searched online and found a bunch of custom scenery etc but no merging, corrupt map or crooked house technique.
  16. this sounds like what I want. where do I go to learn how to do this? I already have a full single lane track of water going around the entire park
  17. while I'm here...I'm looking for Cena's red dirt set. at least I thought it was a set. I downloaded a link while searching through the forums and there was a picture of about 3-4 red dirt land building blocks but it only contained 1 square block, w/o the triangle etc
  18. these little jerks in the rowboats go down my stream a little way then turn around and head back to the entrance. i'm trying to get them to follow it around the park. anyone have any success with this?
  19. haven't seen them. wanted to know if there were any custom ones anyone knew about. thanks for any help
  20. wow. this is going to save me a ton of time I was going to spend recreating my park--thanks
  21. I downloaded yours and love it. thanks so much. I want to make sure I have absolutely everything before I start my ridiculously awesome park to end all parks. I had a park already started that I spent a lot of time on until I recently realized there was such a thing as Open RTC and custom objects ex. Now I cant stop playing and downloading new stuff. There is no way to put this stuff in an already started game is that correct? I have to do a new scenario editor etc I believe.. If you make any other stuff let me know. (Especially ice for a frozen pond, as I'm currently using the big ice cubes
  22. hi there. just found this forum and love it. anyway I'm trying to find custom snowy or ice stuff. I'm also looking for glass( not the decorative kind, the see through kind) any help from my fellow rct2 addicts is appreciated--Stef
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