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  1. Bumb, guess playing OpenRCT2 on Windows 10 for me is impossible then.
  2. After an hour of waiting, this was all I got after following your instructions and opening openrct2.com Edit: I tried again and the index built itself, then it closed itself with no error messages..
  3. Not useful, after starting up at first, takes a few seconds, then closes itself. When re-opening, opens for half a second then closes. I am not clicking the window in any way.
  4. I have not played OpenRCT2 for around a few months or a year, and when I tried to open it today, I could not, as it just didn't start up! I thought at first maybe my files were messed up, so I got a brand new game download and tried that. Still didn't work. I am wondering if anyone knows why this is happening? I have fresh files, and a correct directory (which yes, goes to a file that contains all RCT2 files). I provided an image if you know the problem.
  5. Even with a brutal 12 intensity, this thing somehow still gets a bit of attention. Size: 5x19 Spine Snapper.td6
  6. Put tile objects in this order
  7. Simple as what the title states, light sources are not producing visual light from them at certain angles. Ignore my terrible park scheme, I am just playing for fun. Both images were taken at the exact same time of night, no time differences.
  8. How do you get it? Looks interesting.
  9. Woah! How did you make the lights glow like that?
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