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  1. Hi Gymnasiast, Sorry for my english. I mean the taskbar. Like you minimize a programm. Sorry, ray was the wrong word. I apologize. And a very big thanks to you for the very fast help. I dont look in the documents folder. Only in the installation folder. I have changed the path in the config.ini (from E: to D:) and now it works. Yipiee.
  2. Hello all, i have a new pc (the games and my old OpenRCT2 installation is on a second HDD) and RCT2 from steam. The game works fine after reinstall. Now i will install OpenRTC2 again, but i get the error with the g1.dat file. The problem is, if i click the OK Butten, OpenRCT2 go in task ray. So i cant click the ok Button. Sometime after reinstalled various versions, i can click it, but the programm will shut down. Is there any option, like the registry-editor or open a file with texteditor, to change the installation path manually? I have Win 10 (64bit) and tried the versions 0.
  3. Yes i am sure. Three marketings stand still on fozr weeks (free ride, free food and marketing for a ride). But i dont have updated OpenRCT2. I have build d486410. I Try this next time and check again.
  4. Hi, i start in sandboxmode some marketing actions (4 weeks). But it seems, that they doesn´t ends. Stand after a year still on 4 weeks. Cant delete the marketing to start up a new. It doesn´t matter to me, but i want help and inform you.
  5. Number 3 (rides/Scenery) and 19 (more than 2 custom) are my favorites. But the snow... its enough when it falls. The peeps can use the umbrella and thats it. Only for the feeling of different weather. None of the rides were wet if its raining. And so you need only one new sprite, the snowflake.
  6. Thank you very much. This is exatly i looked for. Now someone need to delete the limit on easy way, like a button in the cheat-tool. I love OpenRTC!
  7. Hello, where i can find, how to open the console and which commands are available. Most interest was the command for scenery options. I saw a youtube vid, who someone opens the scenery editor, if he was playing. And the changes, he marked a ride, was instant in the game. Thanks for Infos
  8. First: I am a german guy. Sorry for my english. Second: Damn! This is a great Mod/Tool for my loved RTC2! I play RCT from release. Only i have needed was a Moneytrainer and a "Renew Track"-button. Now i know what other things i missed. You give it to me. I have two ideas, but they come in the othe forum. Thanks for your work
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