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  1. Ah oke, mag ik wel misschien in het Nederlands posten, of niet? En veel sterkte nog met de aanslag op Brussels! (Am I allowed to post in the Netherlands language, or not? And much strength with the attack on Brussels!)
  2. Ook een Nederlander blijkbaar? (Also a guy from the Netherlands I suppose)
  3. Suzuka

    Stupid but cool

    After testing some stuff, I found it. Thanks!
  4. Suzuka

    Stupid but cool

    Could you develop a cheat, to make the Merry-Go-Round do a 'Control failure' by mouse-click? That would be wonderful for me to record Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0fGqHY2YLz9NOkNzBV8F_g
  5. So... I have installed OpenRCT2 like 13 days ago and I'm really addicted to it, of course I have RCT2 installed but it's an cracked one from ApunKaGames (did not mean as advertisement) and every time I try to connect to a server, I'm getting an the error shown in the title above. I really wanna try the Co-Op function. Can any one provide some support for me?
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