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OpenRCT2 Launcher isn`t working

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hey guys,

Some days ago I found OpenRCT2 and its awesome and I`m very glad, that I found it :D

Firstly I installed OpenRCT2 manually and played a bit, then I found out that there is a way

easier way to install OpenRCT2 and keep it up to date, the OpenRCT2 Launcher.

I downloaded and started it.

And every time form then on when I press "Launch OpenRCT2" an error pops up saying "OpenRCT2 not installed or not found! Downloading! When it`s done, feel free to press play again."

I tried reinstalling OpenRCT2, even the whole game, tried updating, but nothing changed. :( 

So I looked the error up in this forum and I found out that the Launcher should automatically generate files into my documents/, but I wasnt able to found any folders in there at all...

Does anyone knows a solution for this problem :S


PS: I am using the Steam version of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

and sorry when there are some mistakes in the message, I`m from Germany. :) 

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