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Steam overlay not working

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I'm using OpenRCT2 on Steam, and I've used Trigger's guide to the OpenRCT2 Steam stub, but I can't get my Steam overlay to work. I am launching the game through Steam, and it lets me pick between playing RCT2 (normal) and OpenRCT2 when I click on 'play'. But once I'm inside OpenRCT2 I can't get my Steam overlay to work, not even by enabling the Hardware display which should do the trick according to Trigger's guide. Any tips on how I can fix this?

I also think that my Steam isn't entirely recognizing OpenRCT2 for some reason because as soon as I get past the OpenRCT2 Launcher (through Steam), my Steam doesn't say I'm running the game even though I am. 

I'm ok playing it without the Steam overlay, but if I could get the Steam overlay to work than it would certainly be a big quality of life improvement to me :D

Also thanks to the devs for this amazing project. I really love how it's making the game even better. 

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27 minutes ago, RuneLaenen said:

It might not work because you added the launcher to steam, and not OpenRCT2 itself. This way Steam links to the Launcher thread, and not the game thread itself. 

(I think, I'm not sure, @Krutonium should know more about it :) )

Hmm possibly, I don't know too much about it :D 1 minute ago I tried changing 'OpenRCT2' into 'RCT2' and this time it starts up OpenRCT2 right away as soon as I hit the Steam 'play' button, and this time Steam does say the game is running, but the overlay still isn't working (Hardware display was enabled) :(

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