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Assertion failed!

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I was just about to post a similar topic, I'm also having this issue:



I'm currently using 0.0.4 build 1675. I've tried reverting back to a few previous dev builds, only to be greeted by the same message. The same happened when attempting to revert back to the previous stable build also.

OS: Windows 10.

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17 minutes ago, RuneLaenen said:

Yes it's an error in the latest build. Please download an older version at the moment to play. Developers are working on it.

Which build do you advise, as I have attempted to revert to the previous 4 dev builds and the last stable build, yet the message still persists.

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4 minutes ago, RuneLaenen said:

When playing a new game, or when playing the same saved game? It's possible the saved game became corrupt.

This happens to me when playing a new game, never even had enough time to save my game because it crashed in the first few minutes

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