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Track List is missing

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Hello guys,

i'm very new to the whole OpenRCT2 but i successfully created a server for me and my friend.

So we started building our park till we noticed that we can't build rollercoaster templates. Do we really need to build every coaster on our own?

I already used the search function and found this: https://openrct2.org/forums/topic/694-track-design-list-wont-appear-on-multiplayer/#comment-2234

It says that it is "hidden by design", for me hidden says it is not deactivated right? Is there a way to get those templates :/ we don't have the time or patience to build every rollercoaster.


Thanks in advance :)

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But coaster building is where all the fun is.... :o

The thread you linked has a reply from Broxzier that states:


"The track design was a major cause of desyncs, and placing them in multiplayer causes a crash on the server, so it is hidden by design. "

Looks like it is an issue with implementation.  I do not believe this means forever but in its current state... prebuilt coasters or any rides are not possible.

You can create a track in a multiplayer server and save it for later use in a single player mode though.

If you need someone to design you some custom coasters in your games.... PM me!

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