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How can I open ports? :(

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Trying this for 2 hours now, I can't get it to work :(

How do I open ports??

I logged into localhost (enter ip in webbrowser) and went to portforwarding (virtual server) and there I used I think the right things,
I did port check and they were closed , anybody has any idea on how to get this to work??

I even did the firewall thing I think. Any information even if double, will do.

See images.

Need to know any info? > let me know.



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Port forwarding depends on your provider, we can't really help with that. So make sure you have set it up on the config on your provider website/router config page (I presume that's already done, as seen in the first screenshot)

I also see you have two pc's forwarded, this is for starters not possible (one port on your public ip can only point to one pc) and secondly it's not needed. Only the server itself has to have his port opened. Clients can connect without any other configuration.

If you want to play locally, you don't have to port-forward at all.

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