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How Mindscreen could improve park making

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Mindscreen is a computer of the future that I imagined. It looks like a VR helmet, but you control it with your mind.

Mindscreen is directed connected with your brain. Its purpose is to take anything you imagine and turn it into actual images, scripts, 3D models and music.

It's programmed genetically, so every cell of the hard disk has gigabytes of memory.

I think Mindscreen could greatly improve the way we make our parks, as all we have to do is imagine the rides, terrain and scenery we want to create, and those take shape under our eyes.

We could create realistic rivers and hills in just 2 minutes. And they'd be a lot more shapeful and polished than the ones we usually make. We could also fill the portion of the map that we want with the trees we want, and increase and decrease the forest thickness in an instant, until we're fully satisfied.

We could also use the Mindscreen to fast forward the blue flag ride test to the point of the track that we desire, so we don't have to wait for the ghost train to do the whole thing all over again each time it reaches the end of the track.

Another thing that would be a lot easier with Mindscreen is doing cut away views and map rotation. We'd be able to visualize the portion of the map we have in mind in an instant.

With Mindscreen, we could do literally anything OpenRCT2 allows us to do in a way easier, perfect way.

I hope technology progresses fast and Mindscreen becomes a thing soon.

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