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Windows 11 OS HP Laptop Speakers Audio Corrupted

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Hello. I downloaded OpenRCT2 today and while i was playing with my HP Laptop speakers as audio, the audio completely stopped coming through - not just for RCT2, but for MY ENTIRE LAPTOP. No issue when i use Headphones, but after trying to uninstall all of my drivers, update them, etc., my computer's operating system no longer can play audio through its speakers. It is not a hardware issue, as in Diagnostic mode, i can play sound through the speakers. Oof. I tried hard resetting my computer/windows, but to no avail. Weirdly, Defeatedly, I decided to redownload RCT2 on Steam as well as OpenRCT2, started playing again, decided to unplug my headphones, and for about 10 seconds i had Audio on my speakers again, but it didn't last. Wondering if any of the developers have any information on this, or maybe a way I can fix my laptop now..

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update - i've uninstalled both OpenRCT2 and RCT2 which i had downloaded from steam. Every time i unplug my headphones i get about 3 seconds of audio and then nothing until i plug my headphones back in. Hoping there are some computer gurus that can assist me as HP/Windows Support have been useless

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