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Large park pathfinding problem workaround

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Howdy y'all, I've come across a perhaps-helpful workaround for the pathfinding problem that I have seen reported in one way or another over the past several years. In large-ish parks (>150x150), peeps set out for a ride and get stuck in a loop, clustering with other peeps who are suffering the same fate, never getting to the ride.

My current park is 170x170 and as I expand to near-completion have come across this pathfinding problem: guests trying to find a ride, clustering together and never making it out of their little loops; it negatively impacts park rating, which is frustrating. The strategy of removing-then-replacing path tiles doesn't fix the problem for me. Or rather, when I do this the clustered peeps deviate somewhat, but inevitably end up clustering elsewhere. My path layout is very "embrace the grid" but it's not fully square, it's kind of lopsided, which I imagine may be contributing to the problem (I am at the mercy of my aesthetic lol).

What I have found to be an effective solution (albeit one that requires some persistence) is to close the ride that a group of peeps are stuck trying to find (selecting the cluster of "I can't find X" in the guest thoughts menu and then confirming the presence of a cluster on the mini-map), placing that ride under construction, and then waiting for a little while before re-opening the ride. Eventually the problem will reemerge, but in the meantime my park rating spikes back up to 999.

Anytime I notice a down-tick in my park rating, it is due to this pathfinding problem, and I am able to sniff out and eliminate the cluster with this method. I've seen the pathfinding problem described as being like iron filings attracted to a magnet, where the peeps are the filings and the ride is the magnet; I love this analogy!

Case in point: see download file for my current park below. You will find a cluster of peeps failing to find The Bat, and my park rating suffers. Locate the peep-cluster by finding guests who are thinking "I can't find The Bat". Then, close The Bat, place it under construction, and voila! The stuck peeps find something else to do, and the park rating spikes back up. 

(*Note: the castle feature is incomplete! Haven't finished all the balconies yet... 😅 I plan to post the completed park soon)

Lakewood Castle stuck peeps.park

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