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BE Guide: Idustrial building!

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Hey, today I will show you how to build detailed industrial buildings, because I often see people just build big grey boxes when they want to build industrial theming.

So let's start with the guide:

YOU NEED: Asia theming from the expansions, recolourable ; Mechanical theming ; Walls and roofs theming

1. Use completly black shogi walls of different types to create interesting walls. Try to use some shogi wall types as windows.

2. Use the roof base block as the roof of your building.

3. Put these small steel walls at the corners of your roof.

4. Spice up your roof with the help of some steel base blocks in some pattern (as you can see in the picture).

5. Finally add some cogwheels surrounded by steel walls to the roof. Then you are done. 

Note: If you want to, you can add some small coloured shogi walls in between the layers of big walls.


These buildings in my BE Equia World Park: 


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