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macOS - Fullscreen setting resets

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OpenRCT2, v0.4.9 (a172405 on HEAD) macOS (AArch64). Currently macOS 13.6.3 on MacBook Air M1 (2020).

Essentially, even if I choose "Fullscreen" in "Screen Mode", every time I exit out of OpenRCT2, the setting reverts back to "Windowed" when I re-open ORCT2. Curiously, the resolution I choose for "Fullscreen" is retained. This issue is not new, and has been occuring for years on several macOS versions, OpenRCT2 versions and different Macs. If this issue known to the developers? (Choosing "Fullscreen (borderless)" does the same.)

I poked around in the config.ini file and discovered the following: After closing ORCT2 with "Screen Mode" set to "Fullscreen", fullscreen_mode = 1 (2 if "Fullscreen (borderless)" is selected). However, upon relaunching, fullscreen_mode = 0. Why is it reverting?

Thanks, Thorsteinn22

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