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TIP OF THE DAY for more beautiful parks!

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I will upload a brand new tip here every day. They won't be focused on sceanario play! 

TIP #1: (13.2.2024)


To create realistic parks in rct, it's really important to build only one coaster of each coaster type. No real life park will have two B&M inverted coasters or to vekoma family boomerangs (I am looking at you Energylandia). Of course you can make exceptions, some realife parks for example have more than just one wooden coaster.

I am not meaning dueling coasters with this tip, that's a different story. 

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Tip #2 (14.2.2024)

Always add Station Buildings:

It's really important to add station buildings to every coaster in your park. This tip just adds so much realism, here a quick guide on how to do this. 

1: Always build your station with the entrance and exit off the ground. I usually build it up three meters, but that's up to you. 

2: Make your entrance and exit buildings invisable

3: Use any kind of base block and stack it up until you reach the platform. 

4: Build the top with another material or colour

5: Try to build an interesring roof

Of course you can create everything you want, just go all out with your station!


Have a look on this image, you can also create a whole plaza filled with buildings to surround your station!


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Tip #3 (15.2.2024)


In my opinion one of the most important things for a realistic park are the pathes. I often see people only build one wite pathes, which may be good for scenario play, but in sandbox mode double or even more wite pathes just look much better. I am usually building two wite pathes for normal pathes, three wite pathes for main pathes and even more wite pathes for main streets usw...

Also it's important to choose the right type of path. I don't would regemant to use all these pathes from the expensions, because they can look really caotic when you overuse them. Just use the default types. 

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Tip #4 (16.2.2024)


An important part of a good park are Trees. Always unable all clearence cheats, this allows you to place bushes under your trees.

Also always recolour the land under your trees/forests with dirt etc.



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Tip #5 (17.2.2024)

Fitting color schemes: 

Color schemes are very important for the atmosphere for your park. When you for example want a really cartoony like look you can choose really bright colors, if you want a fitting look for an western themed park you can choose brown and Red for your coaster. This tip is in my opinion really easy, because you don't need any scenery skills for that. 

The colors of the coaster fit the area really nicely, just an example.BEHollandAdventureResort2024-01-2916-54-50.thumb.png.c69539e0bb05cdc9534d38dc52f7e528.png

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Tip #6 (18.2.2024) 

Custom park entrance:

The first part of your park the visitors will see is your entrance. So make it as good as possible. Always hide the park fences and the default entrance with the help of the tile imspector, then choose a fittibg theme. And then just go all out! Also often it's a good idea to have a coaster interacting with your entrance, like this wing coaster:


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